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I'm calling this one a YDI because OP should have complained harder and listed the company on the post if they refused to budge. He should have started by asking for a full refund and threatening never to buy from them again.


recycle? no no, it would be re-using. wait no, it would be only USING, because she didn't use it before, so it can't be Reusing, just USING. Aaaahhhh much better :) sweet candy, why can't you wear make up? religious reasons?

You have it for next year! Unless it's like something that won't make sense next year... Like a Chilean Miner, a Meat Dress, or anything related to Avatar/Jackass 3D/Some other stupid movie no one will remember in a year (kidding with Avatar... sort of)


Nobody will be forgetting Avatar will the sequels coming out. But you might have to wait two or three years for the costume to make sense again.


haha yes all four my grandparents are Dutch, but they moved to S.Africa, and my parents were born there, and so was I. ahmm I can sort of speak it, but I can understand it perfectly :P speaking just seems so weird because it's so close to Afrikaans, and I tend to use the Afrikaans words instead :)

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