By Anonymous / Sunday 30 October 2011 13:16 / United States
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  audreyy062  |  2

what do the 1980s have to do with a finger point?

  enonymous  |  8

I usually grab the pumpkins with the most holes and put them in the microwave for a minute. I love halloween... Kids come to my house willingly, they finally accept my candy too


We saw each other at a camp thing and things didn't go to well but we were still happy. At the camp thing though afterwards two older guys told her they like her and she freaked out and I told her it's nbd she has me.. She was mad for some reason. Then she had dad problems and I talked her through it but the next night she did it again so I told her to listen to the advice I gave her but she broke up with me.. Then she took me back cuz I 'changed'. Two days later she finds a guy that was nice to her and made her realize that I was mean to her a long time ago.. She breaks up again but were not over each other yet five days later a guy asks her out and she says yes. After a nine month relationship. and so I chewed her out and now I apologized through her home phone cuz her dad blocked my # and she blocked me on fb. Yuuuuppp.

  Michael_Kelso  |  0

Op shoulda just grown them. That's what I did this year and it was super easy. Plus I made about $30 by selling them to my neighbors. Suckers didn't even know they were filled with nitroglycerin. Hahahaha!

  LaughinStock  |  16

FML users I need your help because I'm to lazy to research this question. Where did this phrase come from (like a boss)? By the way i think it's overused but that's just me. :)

By  wannabeperfect1  |  0

why did u wait the last minute to bye pumpkins??

  HideouslyHuman  |  10

Well in Florida,pumpkins rot ever so slightly faster than you other places apparantly,I live in Florida aswell and can usually expect the to rot 3-5 days after carving.

I could see buying one in advance and not carving though...

  SirEBC  |  7

Lol. I wasn't being sarcastic. I was just pointing out that that WASN'T her original point, because she clearly said that grocery stores DO NOT carry pumpkins. Lol. You guys are dumb lol.

  Enslaved  |  36

I always thought the opposite. They're dirt cheap at my store because they want to get rid of them. After Halloween they're useless except to the ones that know how to make pies, which aren't that many. Most buy them made already (I would think)(:

  Enslaved  |  36

Haha, I've gone to get 1/2 off Halloween costumes to prepare for next year or role play;) never thought to get candy because I end up with so much anyways. But the pumpkins are super cheap at my stores right now. I can't imagine them being any cheaper other than ex: buy one get 4 free! (:

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