By Anonymous - / Wednesday 8 April 2009 04:03 / Canada
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Too many negative votes, comment buried. Show the comment

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ohh, nicee girlfriend. Some of the stupid parents might have even thought it meant you loved little kids and you are great with children? :D You should have just rubbed it in anyway.

xD I think that'd be hilarious if you didnt work with little boys, I mean their parents are going to see it and it's only going to make you look reallllyyy suspicious

I'd suggest wearing something like a wetsuit shirt in the pool until it goes away. If anyone asks, just tell them what happened. Providing they're not completely fucking stupid, they should understand.

Today, I took my two sons, aged 7 and 11, to the local swimming pool. When the swimming instructor turned around, I saw that he had 'I Love Little Boys' burned into his back. FML. Nah, no one's gunna take it seriously. If you DID love little boys, I'm sure you'd be a little more subtle than that.

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