By Anonymous - / Saturday 26 March 2011 22:26 / United States
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  iTaylor  |  0

I feel like you can't really blame her for that. She thought she was a lesbian and then realized she wasn't. I understand that it sucks for you though :/

By  19fml18  |  0

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wow whoever thinks this is funny needs to get a fucking life! let's see if you like getting used foe two fucking years and then let's see if you think it's funny! GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!


forgetting sunday ^ <3 I thought the same thing :/ I'd be heartbroken if I was in OP's shoes :( sorry to hear it OP <3
- btw I love your pic :D !! I went to see all time low Sunday before last ^_^ <3 <3

By  KMilliron  |  2

Shot down... If she's game for learning though, think of what else shed be game for.

  minniemouse61  |  0

dude learn wht lesbian means


Dude learn to understand a joke. Perdix is actually a genius, I doubt they don't know what a lesbian is. It was a comment on the "learning experience" idea. Well done for not spotting that.

  firecapez  |  4

The joke was that a woman is like a guy with man boobs and a tiny penis. She was learning how sex was with a woman, therefore being able to use the new knowledge to have sex with guy with man boobs and a tiny penis.


what does it matter. it was a shitty joke anyway.

  jessica111189  |  0

you are seriously so annoying just shut up and get a life

  sam930  |  0

everything was spelled right

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