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  buckerado  |  19

This has happened to me before, all you need to do is put your phone in a bag of rice at night, then wait for the Asians to come and fix it...this also works on all other electronics.

  Sirin_fml  |  46

Well, it is really. Otherwise people might get to see gems like this: "Today,I tell my friend ‘u are my bbf.’My friend almost cry.I though becuz she is so touch.BUT she say I HATE U!!I m O.o.THEN I noe BBF STAND FOR BAD fr 4EVER…. XD LOL" Riveting stuff.

  jaredofmo  |  22

Yeah, there's even a "how to" YouTube video called "How To Change The Language on your iPod, iPhone or iPad." (There's probably more than one, I stopped looking after the first one.)

  Kazeran  |  7

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By  SweetJTBR  |  22

Hey, it's not so hard! Just play around with it until you find it! Do you know the settings icon? Go into your settings, press the option that has the same icon, then chose the third option from the bottom. In this new screen press the first option and there you go, language settings! Hope it helps~ c:

  jelly713  |  19

If you don't know what the icon looks like grab someone else's iPhone & find the language settings on that one, then do the exact same thing on your Mandarin iPhone.

By  TogeBara  |  12

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