By failure - / Monday 28 October 2013 00:41 / United States - Shreveport
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  imyy  |  20

Because hormones excuse everything, right? "Today, my wife murdered my family while pregnant. FML" FML Commenters: "Dude, it's hormones!!! Chill the fuck out!"

  Treveyon58  |  2

I'm honestly sick of that. Hormones don't excuse one's actions. I get they can be out of whack when a girl is pregnant or on her period, but there's a limit to how far that excuse can go.

  AngelSpit  |  18

you have a penis what the fuck do you know about being hormonal you inconsiderate prick, but it's OK you can't get pregnant so of course you wouldn't know~

  Booda_Shun  |  28

Calm down there 105. When you've gotten people pregnant, you will obviously have a first-hand look at how a developing infant affects a woman's mind :)

  QueenJay81  |  12

clearly she feels like their relationship isn't progressing...im on her side!!!!

  Docbee  |  11

Perhaps she can't raise two kids by herself.

  JMichael  |  25

15- I'd get both sides of the story before taking sides. I mean we don't even know why she said it. Just that she said it. For all we know maybe she doesn't feel for OP the way she did when they met. Or she could be a bitch. Or..it could be the hormones talking.

  cosicosei  |  22

Is it possible she's referring to thinking OP doesn't love her? With the pregancy and being engaged for long and all I could see where her insecurities might come from. She might've hoped she'd be married by now, and thinking that because it took so long for OP to commit, he must only be doing it because he feels pressured to with the children (?)

  kakarot2  |  11

there isnt two sides to this story. . if she doesnt love him she shouldnt be with him at all. more to that.. she shouldnt have had gotten pregnant again.

  ksks1234  |  33

57 is right, they all don't live in trailers, most live in shanties. Okies live in trailers. I'm kidding. But trailers are built just as well, if not better, than stick built anymore.

  Laurenlou  |  24

52- There are plenty of well built and well furnished homes in Lousisana. Someone has to own those huge plantation homes with 50 arces around it as well. I really hope you don't actually believe that everyone in Louisiana lives in trailer homes.

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