By mags - / Monday 16 February 2009 15:05 / United States
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By  Melody_fml  |  0

ddddddaaaaaaamn that would annoy me. but i guess it'd depend on his tone of voice. coulda been strait up joke. my dads called me gay before, when i said somethin bout it he was like gay means happy!! ha i wasnt too happy then


Today, on a girls night out at a very fancy restaurant, our waiter spilled my chocolate dessert over my new white pants. To repay up, they gave us a free bottle of red wine, which he promptly coated me in. FML

By Hutchie931 / Saturday 30 July 2016 23:24 / United Kingdom - Dudley

Today, an elderly woman was crossing the street and dropped her bag of groceries. I got out of my car to assist her, but she beat me repeatedly, yelling that I was "enforcing a stereotype". Sorry for trying to help. FML

By I_AM_READING / Tuesday 14 October 2014 07:15 / United States - Anchorage
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