By Twiggysucks68 - / Monday 7 January 2013 01:49 / United States - Antioch
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By  wholikesbacon  |  9

If I try to cradle my dig she just bites me.

  billyz77  |  24

Our baby was that easy, maybe OP will be just as lucky. Our daughter was sweet, kind and gentle and was my best friend - until she turned 11. From the time she had her first period up to the present day and the age of 24, I can do nothing right in her eyes. She even unfriended me on Facebook. But as a baby, OP would be very fortunate to have a child as gentle and loving as our Little One.

  billyz77  |  24

I'm not sure if I should be offended. What does 'noes' mean? Should I be angry because #47 is mocking my previous comment or should I feel pity because #47 can't spell? Or, should I mark it down as immaturity on #47's part and just ignore it?

  Pyapi  |  20

My parents said I was also a breeze to handle as a baby. I would sleep the whole night without any problems. My brother was hell for them, though! It's just a matter of luck.

By  BurningGrannies  |  16

Isn't a baby just a dog that slowly learns how to talk?

  gribbles  |  12

29 - convinced? Ahhh. Sounds horrible. I don't think a baby is something you should convince someone into having. A new tv, yes. A new baby, not so much.

  Harpy20  |  24

Obviously to look at the disarray and bask in the reality that is children. Not to play, derp. He clearly needs the wake-up call if he thinks a child will be like a dog in any way.

  kwyk  |  23

#8, Pity you didn't tell me that earlier. The police didn't believe I was just training for my future children either, but maybe that's cause I'm 65 with a beard down to my nipples.

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