By Anon. - / Thursday 5 May 2016 21:00 / United States - Allentown
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By  saifnaqvi11  |  21

Maybe that poodle just wants to get in on the action.

  pantsmaster  |  6

That will be quite the threesome. Trisexual?

By  arisanator9900  |  20

Put the dog in another room. Not the first time someone on fml has been cockblocked by an animal

By  Wheelman2178  |  18

You don't have a boyfriend, you have a girlfriend.

  XPhoenixFire  |  17

Do people just post this on fmls where a girlfriend has boyfriend troubles thinking it makes them manly or something? Because there was nothing in this fml that made the boyfriend feminine

By  zebra3_fml  |  7

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