By wow, thanks - / Saturday 18 August 2012 00:39 / United States - Seattle
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  sunnyt  |  5

Alzheimer haha..

  BulldogHoops  |  14

10- That's classless. OP: Even though he trolled you, enjoy him while you can. My grandpa passed away recently and it's really difficult. Even when they get under your skin, grandparents have a special relationship with their grandkids that cannot be replaced.

  thgiL  |  9

10 - I agree with the others. My grandfather can't remember much because of Alzheimer's, it's taken a toll on the entire family especially his kids. I've never seen my father cry so much before.

By  poppysoda  |  4

Maybe he sleep throws?

  YourAFailmod  |  4

I jus wanna know what theatre that is! Free seats??? The theaters in my town are $15 a ticket! It's an arm and a leg to go with someone if you get stuff there!

  trollfaced  |  2

Isn't it -1 for complaining?


54 - If it's currency, is there anywhere I can use it to take out a sizable life insurance plan on my significant other, in case of "accidental" death? I'd like to gain more faith in humanity as quick as possible.

By  Psych101  |  9

To get back at him, move your furniture around and tell your parents it was him. Claim it was dementia and he just doesn't remember it.

  murlocholmes  |  5

61- exactly. Why pay $5 for a box of skittles when I can just go to McDonalds and eat like the king of a small, third-world country for the same price. Ridiculous...

  br0ccoli  |  14

17 - You're not alone. They rape us over here with their $15 movie tickets, $8 popcorn, $6 candy and $2.75 soda.

SO glad I'm not a guy because I don't have to pay for my date. Ha! Finally, a perk of being female.

  kittytub  |  12

they charge 15$ for a tiny box of nachos at my theater... =/ it's literally the size of an order of nachos you can get at taco bell for a dollar. with less cheese sauce.

  thgiL  |  9

I really have no idea here; is there a candy called whopper? Because this comment is making me think the grandfather is throwing the burger at them lol

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