By BC94 - / Monday 16 July 2012 04:21 / United States - Mcminnville
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  iwantagoat579  |  7

I know that I get sick if I sit in the front, but what the guy did was just plain rude. Maybe if he explained why he couldn't sit in the front it wouldn't be so bad..?

By  Jamialia  |  5

So when you say date, you mean going to a movie with a friend? Because dates, they sit together.

  Xythenol  |  6

I don't see the word "date" anywhere in this FML. But whether it was or not, that was a real dick move of him to pull. He should've stopped being such a big baby and sat in the front with the person he went to the movies with.

  chyeneee  |  3

That's kind of the whole point of the FML...

  onlychildFTW  |  33

I sit with my friends when we go to the movies. I also sit with my date when we go to the movies. Doesn't matter how good or bad the seats are. It's what people do when you go to the movie with them. I hope you left and didn't bother talking to him again.

  license2chill  |  5

I had the exact same thought, let her sit on my lap or some other way to share the seat. I would rather not watch the movies at all than leaving my date somewhere. Or just go exchange the tickets for a later showing and play some arcade while waiting.

All in all, that guy is a douchebag.

By  Wolflink289  |  10

Moments like these, are when you really should wish you had a real life Gary's Mod physics gun.

Simply freeze your date, move them to the front, enlarge their head, and unfreeze them.

By  YourEvilHero  |  12

you probably both could have gotten a refund for a later showing. could have suggested that

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