By With_Love929 / Monday 29 October 2012 21:45 / United States - Staten Island
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By  emilymaeve  |  8


By  Olivxr  |  5

grandmas, they say the darndest things...

  N3766  |  20

29, to be honest I thumbed you down because of your name without even read your comment.

  LoveGuru69  |  0

Granny needs to get laid

By  Karalela44  |  15

Tell her to take a nap

By  davestrider  |  0

Why-y-y-y oh why

Heheh Sandy makes me think of Grease

By  oG100  |  5

Tell her to chill out and eat some prunes.

  Skarkie321  |  18

Shit I meant to thumb down

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