By ¬_¬ - / Saturday 27 July 2013 22:43 / South Africa - Cape Town
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  barrk12  |  8

What about the Heat's video?

  FitForFun  |  11

That's not very fair, the first few we random and funny. All the ones after that were okay just not as great. I found them funny. It gives people like me with ADHD hope in this world since I feel like doing that most of the time.

  Enslaved  |  36

The Heat one was the first time I saw the Birdman. I'm from Miami and was like "Who the hell is that?"

  Carmstro  |  13

I think that the Harlem shake only got as much hate as it did because it got so popular. There are a lot of funny ones (but i agree that after the explosion died out, sorry, but the opportunity to do one now without looking foolish is gone.)

  wallandpiece  |  16

Don't see why everyone hates it so much. It's only people having a laugh. Those videos did nothing to affect you personally. Yeah it is quite old now but so are all other trends from months / years ago. It's as if you're using "it's out of style" as an insulting phrase..

  Narelon  |  12

ADHD isn't a proper disease, it's just an excuse to be a moron.

  dixiefoxx  |  22

#66, I have ADHD and I'm really smart, I get A's and B's in school. I'm a bit random, hyper and weird at times, yeah I get it, but that doesn't mean that I'm a moron.

By  Chikiriwak  |  12

What did you guys have on? What items were in your posesion to make him say that?

  thepunman  |  11

No. Why should gays be made fun of? I bet they make straight jokes all the time.

  MidnaLink  |  31

46 cause those videos look so stupid. I'm no elitist, but personally, I'd be embarrased to speak to anyone I know who willingly participates in that crappy dance.

  wallandpiece  |  16

But you can't just say someone deserves to be insulted for making a video, just because other people think it looks 'stupid'. You need to explain why it's stupid, or however you describe it. Most people seem to like them, which is why they became so popular.

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