By ohlordhelpmenow - / Sunday 15 January 2012 03:54 / United States
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By  werepyre007  |  17

Whats wrong with that?

  ItsaMeLuigi  |  6


  kelissa_fml  |  16

Noo 26. The lollipop I ate was 4? years old. I had never had food poisoning before. AND, here's the funny part: I only took two licks before throwing it away. Yet I still got food poisoning. If you value your health, STAY AWAY!

By  halfbakedlogic  |  6

He's not your dad, until the DNA test verifies it, be glad!


Today, my cousin decided it would be fun to get drunk before my wedding. During the ceremony, he got up on the stage and tried to do a stage dive into the crowd. He landed on my nephew and broke his arm. FML

By Zlo98 / Thursday 8 August 2013 05:12 / United States - Alpharetta

Today, I was swimming with my friends at the local pool. My friend pushed me under, and as I came up for air, my hand stroked a hairy leg. It turns out I had caressed the leg of an old man who had been swimming laps. He spent the next half hour creepily smiling at me. FML

By mac_miller55 - / Tuesday 31 July 2012 16:47 / United States - Lansdowne
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