By Anonymous / Friday 1 July 2011 22:02 / United States
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  yummycupkake  |  0

^ did the song judas make you randomly choose lady gaga as an example? (judiasm ..Juda) lol :)

  kendallhi  |  9

wait it's not a race?

  samammynanny  |  0

lol I'm a Jew!!!

By  1molinamatt  |  5

Maybe he meant Jews? :p oh well

  goaliemkl123  |  8

Judaism is the same thing as Jews....

  The_Weirdo  |  10

A Jew is both someone who practices jewdaism, and someone from Jewdea(AKAIsreal) so yes, being a Jew, is a race.

  KaySL  |  24

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Just because the words sound alike, or are homonyms, doesn't mean they're related in the least bit. Google it, research it properly. I can't believe people actually believe this stuff. And just because a US court ruled that a belief system and way of life is actually a race, doesn't make it the least bit so.

  jfrommer  |  2

it's sad just how wrong your comments are. and when I say wrong I mean incorrect.


He is partially right. If your mom is a Jew then you are a Jew. Doesn't matter
if you practice the religeon or not. Correct me if I'm wrong, I was told this in class. Also, excuse my bad spelling of religeon. Or however it's spelt.

By  regsworld11  |  2

wow, that's sad. A lot of people do think that though...

  starrysky4  |  0

well Jews identify themselves as Jews when they are asked their race. and it comes with hereditary traits, such as the big nose, curly hair. not every Jew has that, but they are called Jew noses. judiasm isn't a race, it's a religion, but sometimes it seems that being Jewish could be religious and ethnic.

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