By dadsadipshit / Friday 15 February 2013 23:00 / United States
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  wiiplay  |  21

Oh, you are a GENIUS! What, no.. Not about hiding unicorns.. But what if we used that engineering jibjab to CREATE unicorns instead? Imagine being able to create a new species of horse with a giant pointy horn sticking out of it's head. If I did that, I'D BE RICH! Now, let the crazy train rooollllll out of the station...

  dc4  |  37

Pfft, I call BS. Everyone knows that all government figures are alien lizards, they wouldn't kill their own kind. That's crazy talk.

  wiiplay  |  30

Now THAT is one intimidating government hound you've got there. I bet it's sleeping with two eyes open, too. ps. Nice couch. Oh, and cute dog.

  wiiplay  |  32

Haven't you heard? Area 51 is nothing more than a coverup for Area 52, which itself is covering up Area 7, which is actually the codename for District 9. Also, little green men are really gray, and little gray men are actually green. Isn't it obvious?

  seacadet  |  32

Actually "Area 51" is just a cover for a base located a few miles away from it. I know people in the Naval Intel community that have been to 51.

  kathryn14  |  32

It's just "Ukraine" not "the Ukraine." Though it may sound right, they don't like that, they're proud to be their own country now and not just a region. Not to be a grammar Nazi or anything but it's just like saying the Italy or the China.

By  seacadet  |  35

"Battle Los Angeles" comes to mind, I got my shotgun loaded... Bring it on Aliens! Seriously though, anythings possible, no way we're the only life in the Galaxy!

  seacadet  |  35

Who say's we have to contact them, for them to invade? They could have a space fleet inbound right now... that meteor could have been surveillance equipment.

  wiiplay  |  34

92 - That website is just being forwarded to a Government-owned site. It's a pretty funny joke, though. Wonder how long it'll take for it to be shut down....

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