By schooyou101 / Tuesday 4 December 2012 00:53 / United States - Prairie Village
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  jtthegr8  |  26

The Neighbor obviously wants it.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

Usually guys are fairly comfortable with their sex life, obviously they don't want someone watching, but it being known they have one is not generally frowned upon, hence it making most sense that OP is a female through being terrified of the email. Also, it's usually men who are the creepy psychopath neighbors. Not saying there aren't psychopath women (Casey Anthony) but it isn't a chance I would bet on.

By  chimocho  |  8

Might just be a chain email?

By  flailingCheese  |  5

Well since he/she is crazy it could be a Christmas e card or something but they couldn't figure out what to put as the subject of the message, that or you might want to move...

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