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After two years of shoring around after she left you, you should be glad she didn't want to meet you. She could have given you a much worse virus then.


37, IDK what FML you are reading, but there is no mention of cheating in the one above us. Also, the OP's ex is a GIRL, when 17 said "Lol, that's what you get for cheating on 'HIM.'" edit: wow, u edited ur comment


idkk how u guyys whud spell it wher u pplz live or whtevrr but i was taught tht if a word ends with an 's' (4 example Nicholas) n u need 2 make it plural or show possestion thn u put one of those half quotation mark thinggyys... (2 make it Nicholas') soo yeaa i wasntt jokinn...


half quotation mark things... jesus christ... a word ending in s, like bus, requires an added "es" to make it plural, dumbfuck (e.g. buses) to show possession, you add an apostrophe, or "one of those half-quotation mark things", to the end of the word ending in s (e.g. bus')


#134, please, don't mutilate the English language any further. Especially when the mutilation is on a statement about the English language. That's just low.


Only idiots try to buy an antivirus to treat an already infected computer. It doesn't work. Firstly, most of them are free. Secondly, any virus that isn't a piece of shit will prevent the installation of antivirus software.


Today, one of my online friends told me he's bought a plane ticket, so he can come visit me. I've told him multiple times before that I'm uncomfortable with this idea, but he keeps telling me to stop joking, and reminding me that he'll have no other place to stay. FML

By LolAtMyPosts - / Sunday 15 September 2013 18:04 / Canada - Halifax
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