By fretting - / Thursday 8 September 2016 17:02 / United States - Fort White
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Don't run away from your past, own it! Show you're a good sport by changing your phone's ring tone to "The Streak"* Just hope your boss doesn't declare Freeballing Friday! *Young people, go look up "streaking"; you won't look at your parents the same again!

be proud of it! walking across the campus naked with your dong swinging like a demolition tool is your most badass moment in college. not many can make that claim to fame.

Just lament about how wild you used to be. If you're highly professional it might even make you seem more down to earth since you clearly know how to have fun, but take your job seriously.

Honestly, your coworker needs to grow up. Any sensible person wouldn't share that in a workplace. He's a complete idiot who is obviously stuck in the past. Probably immature and stuck in adolescence. We've all done stupid things growing up and through college. It's what makes growing up so much fun! He's obviously still trying. Good luck OP. Own what you did. Growing up while having some harmless fun is nothing to be ashamed of.

They say that dumb people talk about others. Which technically is talking about others. They are dumb. Oh shit, I am dumb. Your friend is dumb and you are dumb. WE ARE ALL DUMB! And who cares what you did. Your coworkers are dumb too.

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