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Today, my brother thought New Year's would be more epic and memorable if the fireworks were set off in the family room and not outside. It is memorable. FML

By Anonymous / Tuesday 1 January 2013 06:12 / United States - Amelia
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  N3766  |  20

But we don't know how old is he for saying he is not smart.

  mike3775  |  30

#31 Remember when you were a little kid? You wanted to do things that you saw adults doing all the time, and never thought about what could happen by doing so.

  chell1894  |  13

I really think from the sounds of the fml the brother is a teenager or older meaning he knows better. Other wise I think they would have stated their *little* brother or something like "no one was watching my brother when he had found some fire works."

  PhishloverA  |  14

Yeah, but there is still no excuse for this FML to have any YDI's at all, whether there are more of them are not. Every FML has them, even the ones where the OP's don't even remotely deserve it

  Ishq786  |  12

Maybe people say HDI because he didn't try to stop his brother? (at least the FML doesn't say he did).

P. S- Check out my comment # B)

  FMLKitten  |  15

Pun intended?

Edit: Whelp, now the edit makes me look stupid.


He just wanted to brighten up everyone's evening. Lighten up!

By  loloalltheway  |  23

It is indeed epic, but not very smart. I feel sorry for your parents who has to pay for it... Or make the brother pay or it!!

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