By Anonymous / Wednesday 7 October 2015 17:20 / United States - San Francisco
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By  Jryan952015  |  7

Cigarettes suck
Cigars rule!!!

  kozzard  |  17

constantly injesting either one will still kill you, whether by dehydration and build-up of toxins and waste, or massive infection, so it's still a pretty good analogy

By  urbanbigfoot  |  20

That is why I chew. Cigs interfere too much with physical performance.

  amanda182  |  19

Not in the least. Chew causes gum cancer, and in my opinion is a hell of a lot more disgusting than cigs. Especially when you're kissing someone, pukkeeee.

  SneakySlayer  |  15

Why the heck would you do any of those three ? They are all bad for your health and will only make you. Spend a lot more money once you get addicted . So I ask why? Is it because it makes you look cool? So your health is worth being cool ? I just don't under stand

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