By notakeeper / Friday 3 January 2014 03:50 / United States - Orlando
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  sunshine41196  |  12

maybe thats the only rhyming word he could come up with?

if not fyl op!

By  uarudeassbitchyo  |  17

That's not very romantic ... Did u slap him

By  imaxmain  |  24

Someones fucked up. and thats your soon to be ex I mean

  challan  |  19

now you look like a hobbit... after I pulled a Lorriana Bobbit.

  synsam  |  4

if she dumps her mister, there's a twister, she'll still have her sister who'd eagerly like to fist her. the guy tried to diss her writing a poem full of scripture, he painted a picture that made her wish her sister wasn't with her but jokes on him cause he's lesser without her or her sister.

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