By Bnewlove / Wednesday 31 July 2013 04:50 / Canada - Surrey
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  TrueTriage  |  16

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  buckerado  |  19

Dude, selling drugs is the easiest and safest way to make tons of tax-free cash! There's nothing that can go wrong(sarcasm)...besides death, prison, etc..

  byron17  |  26

watch a few more episodes and he'll realise that they will be hunted by Mike Ehrmantraut! And Tuco and Gus! And probs the Cartel as well! Oh and the DEA...

  said_aha  |  7

what's wrong girl ?


Today, I found out someone has a crush on me. Normally I'd be fine with this, if it weren't for that fact that this guy informed me that he has collected pictures of me since the third grade. I'm turning 23 in two weeks. FML

By Suunflower_14 / Monday 26 August 2013 21:18 / United States - Gilbert

Today, I saw my ex-girlfriend leaving a store. She used to ridicule me for not making much money, but I now have a good job and a BMW. Trying to show off, I cranked up the music and drove by. She looked up right as I hit a car backing out of its parking space. FML

By WiseGuy0481 - / Monday 19 December 2016 20:18 / United States
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