By Anonymous / Tuesday 12 November 2013 19:12 / Canada
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#23 how is false she's harassing them and she's probably only begun to start.

  dvojplisen  |  25

Wow, you DID find out! Cheese for everyone!!

  sunnyray812  |  31

Of course she wouldn't want that happening. She must be keeping a watchful eye (and ear) on the both of them to make sure they don't fool around. Typical home-wrecking ex.

By  kellenp10  |  9

Gotta get your money's worth

  Zimmington  |  21

I live in America & they're really strict about here. But I didn't want to make assumptions & get a lot of "That's not illegal in Canada replies" so I formed it as a question.

  ApollosMyth  |  22

Theoretically, they could. Realistically though, no. They aren't going to waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars to find out who shit on someone's doorstep.

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