By wtfuraretard - / Friday 19 February 2010 20:18 / United States
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  jasonsaied  |  1



Or maybe he's really dumb and you have him set as the phone's wallpaper and he saw it and said "boy, look at that shit" that belongs in the crapper, and the rest is disgustingly brown history...

  Nailbunny  |  4

to everyone saying "oh how did he call you if he had ur phone?" it's obvious OP was at his house with him at the time, and he just called her over from another room.

  Gabbie_1210  |  8

"called me over" could also mean she was in the same place, and she could hear him. It doesn't have to mean that she was at her house or wherever. Also... ITS CALLED A HOME PHONE

By  xHabsfanx  |  0

wow...just wow. Maybe he's been watching too many of those "will it blend?" videos and decided to see if it wil "flush" instead. Well just make him pay for a new phone.

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