By Anonymous - / Thursday 5 December 2013 19:10 / United Kingdom - Washington
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By  Dallasluver19  |  14

Crying turns him on?

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I don't think OP was bawling because of a foot cramp so I don't see how you'd think crying turned him on. I can understand the boyfriends motivation because he probably thought he was doing a good job. Moans of pleasure and pain go hand in hand most of the time. I know when I stub my toe I usually yell something like, "You dirty fucking whore", which is the same exact thing I say after I finish during sex.

  Ambient25  |  24

Once again McFeeli you've made me laugh out loud. I love you lol.

By  CelticSkye  |  13

Oh dear...that's only a good thing if you want it to be a good thing. It's time to have a chat with your bf!

  golden_warrior  |  23

How could being in pain be a good thing? Confused as fuck, don worry I'm in pain but it's a good thing - said no one ever...

  iknowiwantyou  |  13

25, sometimes people like the feeling of pain. I remember when I used to have braces I used to love when I went to get them tightened because the pain was so satisfying. I still crave that feeling of pain sometimes.

  DrownedMyFish  |  18

Why is everyone saying this? Maybe OP's boyfriend does get turned on by people screaming in pain. I know I sure as hell do. Nothing sets the mood like other people suffering in pain and agony.

By  ComoEsJuan  |  24

Someone has some mommy issues.

  ComoEsJuan  |  24

23- I'll save the psychology lesson and go to the corner..

By  TheRealPitBoss  |  17

Every man would have!

  ClashParody  |  21

In my opinion, stopping to ask 'are you okay?' in the middle of sex would be a huge turnoff. If your partner doesn't have enough sense to say 'stop' or 'ow' or anything other than a moan when something like that happens, there's an issue.

By  theonex17  |  15

New method of faking an orgasm?

  mallu86  |  9

When you fire a gun, don't aim it towards you. And even if you do, try not to pull the trigger. Unless you're trying to kill your self. If that's the case, mission accomplished.

By  karlcolt45  |  19

“i wish I was big"

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