By brokeandsad - / Sunday 3 January 2010 20:21 / United States
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Wait, if a car hit you then it's most likely not your fault.....so while it's inconvenient, their insurance will cover it all. Not a true FML ______________________________ www.myspace.com/rapid99


no necessarily. It may have been a driveway out onto a main road. Across the road is a minor road with a stop sign. OP tries to turn out into traffic and another car runs the stop sign and hits her.


It is doubly her fault because she drove while mad (at her boyfriend) and most likely recklessly went into traffic with no clue in the world.

The plunger, the plunger!! Why can't people finish their story?? Did you get the plunger? The guy clogged the toilet. No self-respecting man would try an unclog a woman's dukie-clog.

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