By Anonymous - / Wednesday 17 August 2011 13:00 / United States
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By  italianbby  |  11


By  italianbby  |  11


  DFlit1  |  0

Hey my rugby team one state this past year too... NJ tho lol it's great to c rugby spreading in America

  ariannaa_fml  |  17

I posted that in another fml.

By  RouletteRed  |  6

That could be his preference in temperature. Unlikely but cpuld be lol

By  Skinnynikki  |  4

Hahaha that soo funny. I would stop and widen my eyes and slowly look his way afraid. At least you didn't get in trouble or anything.

  sourgirl101  |  21

11 is so right! The best way to dry paint faster is not opening the windows, it's to crank up the A/C. Fumes will go away faster after the paint is dry.(:

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