By sadgirl / Monday 10 June 2013 18:14 / United States - Conway
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  MEM0817  |  18

I'm not sure how you guys do it over in Rancho Cordova, but typically, incest is frowned upon. Your comment was just plain creepy...but I'm even more taken back by the fact you don't see what's wrong with your comment...

  mnwlf13  |  3

and soon to be died one

By  parism143  |  28

I cannot find a silver lining to this, I apologize
buut guess who's getting into a shitty elderly home! :)

  RpiesSPIES  |  27

The silver lining:
Both (assuming OP and 1 sibling) are both good looking, but her grandpa says she's the ugly one when meaning uglier...
Not a good one, but still a potential silver lining ;)

Also, seeing your edit, that's dirty revenge if that's all he's done :(

By  rapunzel3416  |  28

I love old people who don't sensor themselves.

  iLike2Teabag  |  27

My hipster grandpa puts on motion sensors every day when he goes and records the animation for the newest skateboarding video game. He likes to sensor himself

I think you mean censor.

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