By Anonymous - / Tuesday 17 February 2015 17:42 /
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  marulicko  |  19

Oh come on! We have all experienced not seeing something that's right before our eyes! Besides, we don't know how OP's office looks or where the thermostat is located

By  Likian5  |  26

...You never noticed it was there?

  Likian5  |  26

I had thought "how" and "why" were implied in my comment, but oh well. I just don't understand how looking for a thermostat wasn't one of the first things OP thought of doing if they were cold. Especially if they've spent multiple days in (what I'm assuming to be) that small office.


Today, a customer complained that his earphones stopped properly functioning even though he bought them less than a month ago. After checking them, I realised that there was so much earwax caked into them that it affected the sound quality. FML

By iGagged - / Monday 1 June 2015 12:22 / United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Today, after a lot of complaints from other members, I told an old lady at the gym I work at that she couldn't sit in the sauna naked. She responded by grabbing her boobs and shaking them in my face. I don't get paid enough for this. FML

By rapunzel3416 / Monday 14 March 2016 06:31 / United States - Colton
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