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op should look on the bright side; not only was he golfing at wrk but now gets paid 4 getting injured on the job.


Hope you feel better OP but on the bright side, you put yourself I'm the hospital and not one of the company's employees


14 - Nope, still better for the OP. It's more than likely he only got a tiny conk on the head or a pulled muscle, in which case he'll be better in a few days/weeks. Had he hit one of the big shots, he might have lost his job which could make it months (if not years) before OP could climb back up where they were in life.

You can tell them you're just highly dedicated, doing whatever it takes. Four instance doing something you've never been trained in.

This is hard to believe unless you're totally non-athletic. You might suck with no golf training but to hurt yourself is very pathetic.

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