By Nanda - / Tuesday 14 June 2016 06:03 / Canada - Surrey
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  ChibiChibi_fml  |  22

Or it could backfire. I made the mistake of showing my boss once what I was really capable of and all it did was convince them that they didn't need to replace the other person because I was able to do it. Also that there was no need to pay me more since I was already doing the work without the extra pay. I eventually wound up getting a new job and quitting. So the OP should be prepared for that possibility and be ready to look for another job if necessary.

  cathrope  |  10

That would actually get me to stay. I like to gross my co-workers out, they'd ask me to get them a can of diced tomatoes and I'd hand them the can say "here's the can of heart bits you wanted". :-)

By  baxeh  |  29

Did you brush your teeth OP?

By  james_logan  |  19

Seems like someone doesn't like being told what to do by a woman

  james_logan  |  19

#11, I'm not trying to be sexist, but it is a possibility as to why he quit.

By  CitricAcid  |  21

Maybe you should consider investing in some bottles of brain bleach...

  chuka81  |  27

Yes, yes, I'd carry on. After I've done the right thing by thumbing this comment down.

  pjsr  |  31

Regardless of what FML it was, 'brain bleach', 'eye bleach', and any other bleach has been overused as much as 'that's a shitty situation'.

By  RememberSchlitz  |  9

Not a prime candidate for that choice position? Made a misteak applying for the before realizing he was too cow-ardly to cut it? You butcher life he was! Hope he didn't take it on the lamb and instead chose to loin a new trade from the ground round up.

That's all I ham, shanks for gristling.

  Madrias  |  34

You overdid it. One or two might've been funny, but by then you should have laid the puns out to pasture.

By  ThrottleJockey  |  33

I'll cut to the chase. Sounds like he just couldn't cut it. To be a good butcher you must be a cut above the rest. Some people are just not cut out for such a career. (I'd best cut it off there lest I be down voted into oblivion.)

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