By Neckbruise101 - / Saturday 15 October 2016 06:01 / United States - Los Angeles
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that's completely rude for someone be berate someone because they think it's a hickey. you can get very similar marks on your face or neck from a curling iron. there's also medications that can make you bruise much more easily. for OPs boss to do it publicly shows that he's an asshole.


I agree #7. The professional way he should have taken care of the situation was pulling OP into his office or even taking him somewhere they work without any open ears around.

Now that your boss knows it's not a hickey, tell him how unprofessional it is to make assumptions about your personal life and berate you in public, and that what he did is harassment.

1 - It is none of your boss's business if you come with a hickey. The main thing is you are at work, sober, professional and punctual. 2 - The bum should be reported to HR for interfering in your personal life and for publicly berating you. 3 - what were you supposed to do if you got a hickey? Stay at home and risk losing employment? Use a professional makeup artist? Who would've paid for that?

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