By / Monday 17 November 2008 08:53 / France
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  cygnusx1991  |  0

You have to be an idiot. do you have any idea how bad a 10 year old's poetry is? Anyone can tolerate 1 In a contest designed to make the kid feel good but all the time??


Why on Earth has almost everyone criticized OP like this? She probably WAS happy for him! Sure the first couple of poems were cute, but after SOME amount of time wouldn't become AT LEAST agitating??? I get this FML isn't too bad, but less serious FMLs have gotten better comments than this. And FML community, what's with the higher FML votes and most negative comments...doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Either people have had a bad day, jumped on the band wagon, or this was a joke and it went over my head.

By  Rande  |  0

If this is all you have to worry about in life I think you are going to be just fine. save the space on this board for someone who actually can say "fuck My life" all you should really be saying is "my life isnt so bad"

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