By Anonymous - / Wednesday 14 November 2012 21:55 / United States - Scarsdale
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  Wolvander88  |  19

How does it make a difference unless he was wearing a diaper?


8- Idiot.
It was a joke! I found it quite funny myself:D

  bettykooler  |  7

I see what you did there..

By  Wolvander88  |  19

So, that happened..

By  Gulianna  |  2

At least it wasn't sleep paralysis. That would've been STRESSFUL!

By  perdix  |  29

Now, you smell of urine and have to walk around in public sporting a giant pee stain. I'm guessing that's more stressful than the state you were in before. Your friend must be a bear of a yogi.

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