By Lilragu97 / Thursday 26 July 2012 05:14 / United States - Exeter
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By  noelykins1  |  19

That must of hurt but it could of been worse he could of been standing up.

  mbusey  |  20

Yes, and you got buried for forgetting it.


#78 - Not necessarily. I have a dent on my head when I accidentally fell right on the corner of the table (this was a couple years ago). I'm still alive, as you can see. So don't be an ass 'cause it can go either way.

  Llamacod  |  11

hey now, he isn't being an ass. you've said and proved that a dent in your head could go either way; you survived your head dent but others have not. don't be so rude


Today, I got a text from someone I met last night at a bar. We texted all day and planned to meet up later. The whole time I had in my mind who he was, but when we met up it was someone completely different that I didn't remember. I had to sit through the whole date pretending I knew him. FML

By MixMastaKDizzle - / Monday 23 September 2013 08:23 / United States - Denver
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