By MissBeEyeTeeSeeH - / Sunday 8 November 2009 11:46 / Canada
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  RR05  |  0

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  CFR  |  0

What the fuck is up with this #7?: "news flash, maybe the OP is a really pathetic person and the guy is being noble giving her a chance even though everybody else hates her"
She was just wet from walking in the rain! Most guys wouldn't complain! They have wet T-shirt contests all the time, and you never hear one of the guys there saying "I can't be seen with you like that"!
*shakes head* Unless your boyfriend was joking OP, he sucks.

  Evelynn84  |  6

How is that being noble if he's AFRAID to be seen with her? He sounds like a douchebag. Drop him & find someone who gives a shit. He doesn't sound like he's worth the hassle.

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