By KennyDidIt / Sunday 9 December 2012 13:18 / United States - Grand Bay
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By  gmaniac93  |  7

Well thats shitty! LOL

  imperialtl  |  12

LoL stop hating guys.

  lilhellian  |  26

Don't tell me what to do!! *jumps out window and drop kicks you cause I'm hating you.* >.>

  CaptTeemo  |  10

LoL doesn't have to mean League of Legends, 22. It could also mean Laugh out Loud :O

  alliewillie  |  22

Actually, diarrhea is a VERY common stress response in animals (the stress being the family leaving them and being taken care Of by someone they apparently unaccustomed to). OP may be doing nothing wrong. And anyone who owns dogs knows sooner or later they will end up with an emergency - just like with kids. Sucks it happened in OPs care.

  KingCeltic77  |  18

This dog could also have some major health concerns no matter what it is fed. That being said, the parents should've told about the dog's health concerns if any.

  daringtoride  |  27

I kinda agree, but I can also vividly imagine OP going slightly mad with stress LOL I, myself, am a licensed small home rescue and I currently house six dogs (only two actually belongs to me), two ferrets, a hamster, a turtle, and three birds. Feeding time can be a bit stressful to say the least :') Gotta love the days when I go outside to get the newspaper and instead either go back in with a box of kittens, a ferret in a basket, or whatever else people drop off in the night (true story.) So it can be stressing! ;)

By  djgoreo  |  12

Here's a solution! -Don't feed them for several days. -Dogs die. -No more dogs.

  djgoreo  |  12

I apologize that my sarcasm wasn't communicated to you. I love dogs dearly, and no one should have the heart to murder them. Please feed your dogs and forgive me for not adding a "jk," because that's almost as annoying as a serious comment like mine.

By  tellithowitis  |  13

Now is when they "accidentally" run away

  xblair  |  11

31 *knows

  olpally  |  32

34- that joke went right over your head.. He was referring to the guy's profile picture as a pun. The fact that I have to explain this, is insane. Edit- 36 beat me to it. Oh well.

  free2speak  |  14

At first I thought your profile picture was someone squatting down to poo and ruin everyone's beach day and I was about to say that your comment matches very well with your profile picture but upon closer inspection, it just looks like someone picking up something in the water. Still, just wanted to share this.

By  CrissyyyS2  |  22

If they're that much of a problem...there are places like dog day cares?

By  eur0  |  14

What a shitty situation to be in op.

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