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agreed but they should put like alarm .. but OP didn't even write who was celebrating the anniversary we had to figure it out.


OP... Do you usually dress like a whore when you go out? Or is your idea of sexy, considered modest to him?

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#4 chill. of course she meant sexy underwear, #3 was comical. And F that! The dude has a job while shes home sitting on her ass, she coulda helped the guy out a little. Shes not going to pay the bills by waiting at home in sexy cloths. If she had a job too, she may have done the same thing.


#4: Calm the fuck down, if your the type of bitch who would slap a guy for forgetting an anniversary and can't take a joke (like the slinky one) then please don't comment on the Internet. Everyone hates people like you.

you need to communicate better. both in your relationship and on fml. while we could understand what you were trying to say, if it were another we may not have been that lucky. so communicating is what you need to concentrate on more.

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