By Anonymous - / Saturday 28 March 2015 17:10 / United States - Tallahassee
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  Swandive235  |  27

Well, not the most romantic gesture, but both of them get to enjoy themselves

  Rawrshi  |  25

Who said it was a women's strip club? ;)

By  ADBurns  |  22

wait, what? For the love of God why?!?

  TheCookieComet  |  23

maybe op's boyfriend thought op was Bi sexual? it seems to be the only logical explanation. Or he just wanted to enjoy tits that weren't his wife's

  Aimeejasmine  |  15

You guys do realise it's their one year anniversary though.. It's not some regular day it's supposed to be special for the both if them, not a chance for him to stare at tits Jesus Christ thats so not cool

  Rawrshi  |  25

One can never play "too much GTA V".

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