By bigjohn106 / Sunday 17 July 2011 12:34 / United States
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By  katymack  |  11

Sucks to suck.

  Volcano47  |  0

sombodys father in law doesnt like you(:

  Symmetry88  |  0

17 you just made me smile xD
but what if he shows up with a bag of evidence? :O

  dolphincheddar  |  10

for you maybe. but uh ya.. wait 72 hours and then do it again. herpderp

  humorizer  |  14

"HOLD IT! Show me exactly where on the state or federal penal code it says that her statements in the next 72 hours are not legally blinding? Click on court records and show the evidence that proves it."

By  writerforlife  |  9

Umm wow...but he forgot to say that what he says and does IS legally binding

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