By lonely girl / Monday 11 March 2013 04:17 / United States
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  fsomelife  |  26

"Today, I wrote to my fellow FMLers about how this really cute guy who works at Starbucks asked if my dad was single. They ended up asking if my dad was single. FML"

By  benmec  |  18

That's when you say yes, invite him over but secretly plot to turn him straight. It can't hurt to try. Go get it girl!!!!!

  conqueror57  |  11

Plenty of women carry out gay relationships in their late teens, early 20s but wind up happily married in monogamous relationships with men. Why can't the same be true for men?

  bookshot  |  9

There have been cases where people have been overcome by societal pressure and/or sadistic reprogramming attempts and claim to be straight, but there's no such thing as ex-gay. Just ex-out.

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