By yikes / Saturday 21 April 2012 08:36 / United States
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  nava1210  |  12

Your worst nightmare is pooping a spider..?

  Scruffy618  |  0

1: happy belated birthday. My random page view seems to be about 10 minutes late.

OP, yeah that's really disgusting to find. I hope it's not a recurring thing.

By  rosha267  |  21

Why did you look after wiping?

  rosha267  |  21

I honestly didn't know that was a common thing

  lyssa_jean  |  7

Ok am I the only one here extremely put off by the fact that it seems like NO man on here looks after they wipe? How the hell do they know they got all the crap off their ass? It should be....... Wipe, look.... not clean. fold toilet paper.
Wipe, look.... not clean. fold toilet paper.
Wipe, look.... clean!!!!!! Flush toilet paper.
wash hands and youre done.
There you go men, and boys of the world. Potty training 101

  redmane  |  21

I'd be pretty worried that if I had to fold the toilet paper, I'd get piss or shit on my hand. Sorry, this may be "environmentally unfriendly" but I'd just get new toilet paper.


117, for the record, Hitdude is a man. Right there your argument is invalid. Secondly, judging by your name I'm assuming you aren't a man, and you have no place telling us what to do. Lastly, most people DO look, and the person you were replying to is a female. There you go, argument shredding 101.

P.S. Most of us use more than 1 square of toilet paper, so there is no folding required.

  PaperCandles  |  0

117 i agree with you. Not sure why you got so many thumbs down. Cant tell you how many times I've done laundry and found a pair of shit stained mens underwear. Absolutely disgusting.

  cooIbeans  |  0

out came the toilet paper that dried up all the rain, and the itsy-bitsy-spider was still wiggling its legs!


I believe the reason they said vagina was because it rhymes better than clitoris.

  abcd165  |  0

63- dude a girls pee still comes out of the front only it has a separate opening from the vagina, it is still hidden somewhat in the vagina. I'm 14 and I know that what did you think they pee from the anus?

By  YtotsDI  |  0

Oh girl its time for you to flean down there!!

By  klimp  |  0

Who looks at the toilet paper after the wipe?

By  YtotsDI  |  0

Clean* damn fat thumbs!

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