By cakestar9 - / Wednesday 31 December 2015 19:39 / Ireland - Ennis
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  MortenM  |  17

It's not very nice of the guy but how do you end up with an eight year dry spell? If OP thinks it'll change at the bar....
Best of luck for 2015 though

  FlinkeMeisje  |  5

Internet Jedi hugs coming your way, if you want them, Chrissy. That sucks.

  thief1434  |  23

What a sissy, he seems really pissy.

  Ervinator35  |  25

I bet inside, he's just a big pussy..

  foxwasalamb  |  24

how will it being 2015 guarantee her better luck if shes had none for the past 8 years?

By  Jasim  |  17

He's definitely a whore for saying that. Don't worry about it, it will end soon.

By  randomguy76  |  14

I don't see the problem with his reaction. Shame on your parents for cursing you with a "whore's" name!

  xxreikoxx  |  31

#6 – I guess that makes me a whore every time my ESL/EML friends and relatives call me by this nickname ("Chrissy?") Think long and hard before you respond, by the way, and factor in that I'm a virgin before you say anything.

By  patrickalamo  |  47

I triple dog dare you to go up to that girl and find a way to call her a whore.

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