By Anonymous - / Saturday 10 October 2015 04:43 / Canada - Qualicum Beach
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By  Kermy1113  |  23

That sucks.. but atleast you're hot

By  gearhead369  |  20

sounds like you're a hottie! take the compliment, ignore the idiocy

  crackfetus420  |  12

Why is this so downvoted

By  Bragi  |  12

If you said "YDI" please have your friends contact my friends to arrange our "meeting."

  StiffPvtParts  |  42

And probably not the best place to be looking for a longterm relationship. I am by no means an expert on the subject, but I'd suggest looking for someone during various group activities you enjoy, as it's far easier to find people with similar interests, and it's just much easier to strike up a good conversation ñ_ñ

  thisguy22  |  33

All people are colored.

  LMAO__no  |  15

last time I checked 41, we weren't living in the Jim crow laws Era are we? And yes black and white are colors that the eye recognizes. And yes, all people can have self imagine issues, no matter the race

  stargirl_95  |  24

Yes all people have self image issues but people of colour live in a world where Eurocentric standards of beauty are imposed on everyone. Because of this, many people of colour deal with particular issues related to self image that white people don't deal with. E.g black women are brought up to believe that our natural hair texture is dirty ugly and unprofessional and many black women have had difficulties finding jobs or have even been sent home from school because they wore their hair naturally.


I don't know if you have noticed, but black people aren't typically attracted to white people and vice versa. They tend to keep it within race, not sure why.


I don't know why I'm getting downvoted for stating a simple fact... You can go and look up the statistics if you want too. Just because someone isn't attracted to a certain race doesn't make them racist. For example, I think Spanish girls are hotter than most races. Does that make me racist? No, sexual preference is not racist.

  OysterPearls  |  33

37, not being attracted to someone simply because of their race is, by definition, racist. Not all people belonging to a certain race act nor look the same way, so if that's the only reason for them being unattractive to you, that's racism.


@39 Just because someone finds one race generally more attractive than another does not make them racist. People who think that's racist are idiots, sorry but it's true. I can't control who I'm attracted to anymore than anyone else.

  harleyivy  |  7

you're being thumbed down because that statistic that tour talking about isn't true. I have seen countless mixed race couples in my life and the guy wasn't saying he preferred one race over the other. he was saying that black girls are ugly to him I'm general and she is an exception.


The statistic is true, look it up. My aunt is white and my uncle black, and I have seen plenty of mixed couples also. That doesn't change the statistic though.

  brandonc8892  |  13

It isn't racism. You're just whiney.

  lavapants  |  15

39, explain me how having certain preferences is racist. Am I racist because I like redheads the most? Is my friend racist because he thinks Korean girls are super cute? Is my cousin racist because Indian girls are not his type? This is like saying that I'm homophobic because I'm not sexually interested in men.

  Lalala579121  |  27

Technically it is racist. The definition of racism has nothing to do with thinking bad about other races, it is viewing one race as superior to others. And clearly if you only view one race as potential partners then you view that race as superior. Doesn't mean you have to think anything negative about other races, though.

  chinaski7628  |  32

Of course people tend to be attracted to a type. There's nothing wrong with that. That's how genetics and evolution work. The problem is that the guy who talked to OP essentially said black women are not attractive. That's not having a "preference". That's making an ignorant statement about an entire group of people. Also, who gives a shit if that guy has "preferences". Women are people, not categories for selection at a meat market (even if they go to clubs, even if they enjoy casual sex). If you have preferences, keep them to yourself. No one wants to be told that the only reason someone is talking to them is because of their perceived ethnicity, skin color, hair color, or whatever. The same holds true if you switch genders. As to what 30 said—again, that's an unprovable and ignorant statement, especially since whatever magical "statistic" he's referring to probably doesn't take into account the amount of people who don't date outside their race because of stigma. To say most white people aren't attracted to black people or vice versa is as ridiculous as saying "you're hot, for a black chick".

  teentee401  |  36

I don't know whether that statistic is accurate or not (probably isn't). But in my experience, trying to find white guys willing to date black girls is hard. At my school, the white guys prefer the blonde, skinny white girls to the black girls. When you become used to being rejected by white people, it's easy to get discouraged and start dating within your own race. I'm not saying black people will always do this or exclusively date black people, but your "statistic" may not factor in the racism black people face while dating.


I'm sure many people don't date outside their race because our families are older and more judgemental and it causes problems. My grandma disowned my uncle for dating a black woman. And when my sister got married last year, I was the only one of her family to attend because her husband is black. They've been together for five years and have a child and are doing exceptionally well, but apparently people in my family from older generations can't get the hell over it.


My mum is black and my dad is white. I see COUNTLESS mixed couples who are head over heels in love with one another. IDK where your head is for thinking race has to be a border. Love breaks those borders down if it feels like.

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