By Face fucking palm / Wednesday 23 July 2014 03:36 / United States - Albany
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Top comments
By  AustinDenton  |  21

You ate them

  desoxyn242  |  14

Next time OP shouldn't gRAPE them with his wrathful volume

By  lmelendez  |  7

Better then accidentally saying angry rapes...

  jkmartinjk  |  16

Should we make a list of things it's better than saying? -.-

By  UmmOkThen  |  31

One, why would you say "angry grapes"? Two, other than looking a little eccentric that's not really an FML moment. Third and finally, learning how to control your volume is something that should happen when you are a child.

  chinaski7628  |  32

Your brain works faster than your mouth, so malapropisms happen, at least to me, all the time. I also have volume control issues occasionally-- I'll unintentionally use my teacher voice instead of my quiet, friendly voice. My brain can be a real bastard sometimes when it chooses my words and voice volume. Maybe not as FML as some other FMLs, but still embarrassing. And funny.

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