Today, I went swimming with this guy I like at dammed river. While we were jumping off the dam, I decided to try to impress him by doing a front flip. I didn't jump far enough off, so when I went to flip, my face skidded down the concrete wall. FML

By Anonymous - / Saturday 4 July 2009 22:46 / United States
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  elliebutton  |  0

You're the fag for even bothering to put that there. Also, have to agree, aren't there signs? Also, why couldn't you just use a swimming pool? It's safer... if there lifeguards aren't asleep (refer to previous FML).

  riku3220  |  2

Meh, it just annoys me when people press reply to the first post and type something that has nothing to do with the first post. Thus it makes the first post repliers even more gay than the "FIRST POST"ers

  riku3220  |  2

Actually 35, both times I just randomly came onto the site and found new FMLs with 0 posts on them. I posted and found that I got first post and used my 120 seconds to edit the second line onto it.

  riku3220  |  2

I don't care if I'm first or #73, it still annoys more when others reply to the first post just to get their opinion closer to the top than the people that say "FIRST POST"

  GEFStryker  |  27

No, she would be facing the dam in a front flip as she reached a half rotation... think of it this way. Stand with your back to a wall, then do a handstand, and notice your now facing the wall. Anyways, I'm still calling a fake on this one, it doesn't seem right. Unless the OP freaked out at the last second, went to do a regular dive and lost momentum. Otherwise, on a curved dam, attempting a front flip, she would have had enough momentum to at least bring her into a regular dive position, and then some. She would have landed on the back of her head or on her back.

By  fmkittw  |  0

YDI for swearing. Wash your mouth you foul beast! If you still have one! Get well!

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