FML - The follow-up

Today, I rubbed chilli powder on my fingers in an attempt to kick the habit of biting my nails. Ten minutes later I went to the bathroom. It still burns. FML

b5b0n36 Say more :
hey, OP here. thanks for the suggestion! I will look into it cause chilli powder was a horrible disaster hahaha
By b5b0n36 - / Sunday 6 March 2016 02:38 / United States - Los Angeles
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I stopped biting my nails years ago by always keeping a nail clippers on my key ring. I trim them super short and keep them smooth so I'm not tempted to bite the jagged edges. Worked for me.

That sucks OP. However, it was only 10min later and you could probably feel it on your hands. I feel like you should have remembered and been more careful


It doesn't work that well, I'll be honest. Yes, I was reapplying it, it just didn't help the habit because it's a compulsion connected to my anxiety/mood disorder.

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