By Anonymous / Thursday 17 January 2013 00:53 / United States - Wahiawa
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  HKCgrimmjow  |  15

Well aren't you a smooth one.. Or maybe a chunky one, I would need a picture to fully decide

  newbiehere99  |  6

Yes I did!!

By  theslimshadylp  |  6

You literally blew this one my friend.

By  Maddy9111  |  11

she sounds like a rough partner to be running with... are you going to run with her again?

By  mistercrow  |  9

Didn't you get the memo that running is a friend zone activity anyways and you totally just did unnecessary running? xD Goodness well hopefully you at least were wearing nice shorts or something. Chicks dig the short loose ones or the long tight ones on dudes.

By  brackaman  |  18

Well at least you threw up when you got to the top as opposed to on the way up. The run back down should be a cinch compared to coming up. Hopefully she'll see that you're a trooper.

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