By 12incher - / Sunday 15 March 2009 04:45 / United States
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By  Dr_Chronic  |  0

Hahah that fuckin suxs, u just have to look at a fugly chick to get it to go away

By  Dr_Chronic  |  0

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  BlueJeans2626  |  0

did you get wet?

  smdbeeach  |  0

i never wear basketball shorts for that exzact reason. and if i do wear it and i get a boner you just lift it up to i think its called the waistband so its held between your skin and shorts :)

  Randen_fml  |  0

self control my friend. insta boner? haha just act like your sleeping an ignore the teacher.

By  TheAntiComment  |  0

I woulda sported it like a Champ. Then to make it better say:

"Sorry Mr./Mrs. -teachers name-, but I have more important things to do. [walk over to hot chick]. I am sorry but I couldn't help but notice that your very attractive, and my penis could satisfy a whale. What should we do about this?"


u look more like a man to me

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